Scotchgard™ Protection Film Data Sheet

Scotchgard™ Protection Film Data Sheet General DescriptionScotchgard Paint Protection Film Pro Series 4.0 data sheet is the best source of information. Here are the numbers you need to choose...

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3M™ Window Films - The Best in the Window Tinting Industry

Installing 3M Window Film for Heat

Depending on professional certified dealer will give you lifetime warranty against color fading, bubbling, heat rejection percentage changes. 3M window film blocks 99.9% of harmful UV, 97% IR ,...

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3M warranty How long does 3M paint protection film last Does 3M have lifetime warranty How long does paint protection film last How much does it cost for paint protection 3m

Where to buy 3M Original Films?

Here is PDF link for last updated Authorized dealer for 3M international in Egypt Don’t be faked up original 3M available at Authorized Dealer ONLY. Like many trusted rands...

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Once you put in 3M Window film, you'll probably  think about why  you do not ever did it before. The organization which has created the entire window film business is 3M fifty five years back. Allow me to share several of the advantages as well as features  of 3M window film. To begin with, it is available in variety of colors which match all styles. so that you do not need to pay for visitors problem. Nevertheless, in case you desire to really feel privacy in the general public, then 3M Color Stable is going to achieve this particular task perfectly.  As always, 3M Invented the industry which just recently have a few kinds but reduced on quality & performance too. 3M window film is definitely the very first option then various other makes comes. Here's a little reason 3M Window fil may be the very best on the planet : The Only  Certified window film from skin Cancer Foundation. The greatest IR Rejection; ninety seven % IR Probably The highest UV block; it hinders 99.9%UV.  Driving arounds for the day street mean of yours you accumulates a great deal of UV exposure as time passes. The great bulk of skin cancers are caused by  the sun's UV rays. UV likewise affect the car interior of yours including plastic, fabrics, and leather components lose their shine  0 metal film. Comparing to other metalized film which impact badly on the mobile stereo and signal. The sole movie which includes a life time ensure The most frequently used movie on Gulf Countries. 200 layers on a single movie Lessen the glare: it's probably the most discomforting problem to a driver will be the warm midday sun streaming through your home windshield; it gets within the eyes of yours causes you to squint. worst of all; glare impact the visibility of yours BLOCKS As much as sixty % of complete solar energy.  This is going to affect favorably on the entire price of consumed power for automobile air condition. 3M window film decrease the usage of electricity by thirty %. Gives difficult protection.  It bonds with the cup at the automobile window. It functions as a rough shield from damages > If the window shatters, the movie binds the pieces together stop glass fragments  from putting in the automobile and injuring occupants


Once you put in 3M Window film, you’ll probably  think about why  you do not ever did it before. The organization which has created the entire window film business...

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