Protection Film QUESTIONS

Why Choose Autoprotection, 3M Authorized Autocare Center?

We’re trained specialists in the car’s protection and licensed installers of 3M paint protection film in Egypt. We use up-to-date tools and products, as well as staff members, they are taught to offer the ideal car protection services to Egyptians! SINCE 2014 our job procedure is founded on probably the highest standards, 3M global instruction as well as hundred % customer satisfaction. The primary goal is actually satisfying the clients with premium quality services as well as exceptional finishes that are incredible.

Is 3M paint protection film waxable?

Although you are able to wax the film, make sure the product or service you’re using does not contain Kerosene or Naphtha of concentrations more than five % as well as stay away from waxes that consist of dyes. For best results, we suggest bring your car to our workshop or buy 3M past & wax product. This particular solution has been uniquely formulated for wearing polyurethane car protection films to provide optimum protection and gloss while containing no substances which would bring about discoloration during the 10 years warranty.

What's car protection film (which is likewise referred to as clear bra)?

3M’s best automobile paint protection film is Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film Pro Series. Pro Series provides the supreme automobile paint protection readily available in clear or even matte. It sets a brand new industry standard with technology upgrades, which includes exceptional scratch and stain resistance, excellent clarity, and a heavy satin finish (matte film). 3M automobile paint protection film features a supple, clear topcoat that has outstanding stretch and it is self-healing to eradicate small scratches.

How does 3M transparent car protection film as well as matte compare to other car protection? films available on the market?

Scotchgard pro series4  transparent film as well as matte offer numerous characteristics, benefits, and advantages (PDF, 123 KB) more than many other films:

Excellent quality
Scotchgard pro car protection film is sharp and has very low orange peel, making it among probably the clearest ppf and practically invisible, even on cars that are white. Our matte color car protection film comes with a full satin finish to complement the majority of OEM matte paint methods or even turn the clear paint of yours right into a matte finish.

Long-lasting clear coat
The clear layer engineering on the matte and clear paint protection film helps our automobile paint protection film easier to clean up and tougher to scratch, which keeps automobiles looking newer longer.

  • Self-healing properties

3M is the company that has invented Self-healing Technology. This property helps small scratches disappear, which will keep your car protection film as well as the car’s surface looking newer.

Where could I put specific paint protection film on the car of mine?

Clear bra is professionally installed anyplace you want to protect the car finish of yours from scratches, other damaging elements, stains and chips. Scotchgard pro series protects:

  • Rocker panels from the sand as well as stones knocked up by tires.
  • Trunk ledges from golf clubs, and luggage strollers.
  • Hoods, bumpers as well as mirror backs from flying stones, bug harm, and tar.
  • Doorstep handle cavities as well as doorstep edges from rings, keys, belt buckles as well as purses.
  • Full hoods, roofs, and trunks from bird droppings as well as tree sap.

Where could I put specific paint protection film on the car of mine?

  •  Can I get 3M specific paint safety movie myself?

A. 3M highly recommends running a 3M apparent bra installer use Scotchgard paint safety film to the car of yours. Clear bra installers hold the installation training as well as experience to make certain the best fit to the car of yours. The guarantee is valid only when the clear paint safety movie is fitted by a 3M paint safety installer.

Q. What does self healing paint protection movie entail?
A. Innovative technology of the paint safety film leads to small scratches to disappear, which will keep the paint protection film as well as car’s surface looking modern.

Q. What’s the warranty for paint safety film?
A. The 3M detailed guarantee for Scotchgard paint safety film pro series is legitimate ten years through the day of set up and for addresses against defects, yellowing, cracking and bubbling. Click here for extra clear bra warranty specifics.

Q. What’s the cost for paint safety film?
A. Pricing varies. Get a totally free quote for automobile paint protection film assembly from an installer around you.

Q. Is matte or clear paint safety film removable?
A. Yes. Paint safety film is meant to be long lasting, though it may be detached with no harm to the car’s finish. 3M recommends you go to a 3M color protection film installer for removal.

Q. Where can I purchase matte or clear paint protection film?
A. Clear and matte paint safety movie could be bought as well as installed by 1 of our 3M sharp bra installers. Simply click here or contact 1-800-328-1684 to find a color protection film installer around you.

Q. Where could I get additional info about the matte or clear paint protection film?
A. Call us at +201099373706

Windshield QUESTIONS

What is ClearPlex Transparent Windshield Protector?

ClearPlex is a patented windshield protector which protects the car windshields from other damage and rock chips that are frequently brought on by roadway debris. ClearPlex is totally invisible, supplying clear vision as well as UV Protection.

Why should I Use ClearPlex? What are windshield protector benefits?

ClearPlex offers 3 essential benefits:
• Impact resistance against regular highway debris up to 32000PSI
• UV Protection which reduces cabin heat and prolongs the inside life of the vehicle
• Faster run off of precipitation, providing much better visibility

Will ClearPlex impair or affect the driver's vision?

No. ClearPlex is optically clear and guaranteed never to peel, bubble, yellow, or crack for the warrantied life of the service. When installed the right way, ClearPlex is really invisible with clarity that exceeds the original windshield of your car, clarity up to 90%.

Will ClearPlex film adhere very well to the windshield?

The adhesive is actually strong enough that high-powered pressure wash streams don’t result in the film peeling through the windshield.

Is ClearPlex Temporary?

Yes. ClearPlex is actually a film that protects the windshield from harsh conditions which usually break or maybe chip standard windshields. a film, ClearPlex must sometimes be eliminated as well as replaced to offer the ideal defense for the windshield. The demand, as well as timing to change the film, depends on maintenance, the vehicle’s exposure to the elements during storage, the miles driven as well as the conditions in which those miles are actually accumulated.

How to remove or replace ClearPlex windshield protector?

ClearPlex utilizes a unique adhesive that makes the film adhere to the windshield; however, it’s not long-term. In case the film visibility becomes bad and you need to remove/replace the windshield protector, use a razor blade to remove a piece of the film. By pulling the film, it is going to come off easily. Any adhesive staying on the windshield can be removed with water and soap.

Is it possible to use window film & windshield protector at the same time?

Of course, it is possible. Generally, the heat rejection film is installed on the interior glass of the car, while the ClearPlex glass film is installed on the exterior glass of the car. There will be no conflicts in product installation.

Will installing window tint film and ClearPlex film at the same time affect the vision?

  • Will not

Will installing ClearPlex glass film affect any of sensors?

No, ClearPlex glass film is a non-metallic film, which will not block  sensing function

What is the difference between other windshield protectors and ClearPlex?

  • ClearPlex is different from other windshield protectors commercially available. ClearPlex has a number of exclusive patents in the United States. The plastic has 4mil glass grade clarity/plastic has 9H grade hardness, which is the top glass protective film

What are the functions of ClearPlex?

    • Some of Clearplex functions are

    (A) an ultraviolet cut off up to 99%
    (B) effectively prevent breakdown due to gravel blunt and protect people inside the car
    (C) highly accelerates the flow of raindrops, increasing the visibility
    (D) Professional Installation, perfect attachment
    (E) Perfect after-sales quality assurance service

Can any car model put Clearplex windshield protector?

Yes, ClearPlex  can be installed on most models,
but it is not recommended to install the glass over curved, ex: Porsche 918 acrylic is not recommended to install

ex: part of the rear window, rear gear

Why choose ClearPlex ?

  • ClearPlex is made with the US patented nanotechnology process, and it is made of nano-ceramic splashes. Compared with metalized films, ceramic films does not block electronic signals and telecommunication signals in the car; it has high durability and is not easy to fade; low internal reflection and clear vision ensure the safety of users.

How long does it take to install Clearplex?

The installation time involves factors such as the vehicle model, the glass surface, and the method of installation. Depending on the situation, it is recommended to call the authorized center in advance to make an appointment for the installation time to reduce the waiting time. In normal cases, it takes 2 hours to be installed

Why is CleaPlex so expensive?

  • ClearPlex implements the principles of high quality and user safety and insists on using films manufactured by the United States. Using patented nano-ceramic technology, in addition to UV rejection, it also protects your car value.

What is the difference between thermal film and protective film?

A windshield protector is a glass film applied to the outer layer of the windshield, which can reduce the chance of damage to a windshield by road scattered objects. But, the thermal film is applied to the inner layer of the windshield to prevent heat from entering the car.

How long is the ClearPlex warranty?

  • Clearplex windshield protector is provided with one year warranty or 18000 Kilo Meters.

After installing the windshield protector, what are the precautions?

  • 1. After installation, avoid lifting the windshield or wiping it before one week.
  • 2. After installation, there may be slight mist or small blisters, which are normal and will disappear automatically in four to ten weeks.
  • 3. Do not use the defogging line within one month from the completion date.
  • 4. Do not use alcohol and ammonia cleaners or use abrasive paper to clean the film. Please wipe the film with a soft damp cloth.
  • 5. Do not use suction cups on the protector or stick any stickers or other sticky substances.
  • 6. Do not touch the film and the adhesive contact with the edge of the glass, which may cause the windshield protector insulation film to fall off.
  • 7. To prevent the metal buckle of the seat belt from damaging the heat insulation film, please put the seat belt gently.
  • In addition, the weather after the construction will also affect the degree of drying of the insulation paper. Please ask the authorized center for complete information during the installation.

After the protective film is installed, what should I pay attention to?

  • Do not clean the ClearPlex windshield protective film with detergents containing ammonia (Armonia), or do not clean it with rough cleaning tools (such as vegetable cloth or other hard cloths).
    Please regularly wipe the protective film with ClearX Super Run Protective solution to extend the service life.