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Self-Healing Live Test for 3M car protection film

Dose 3M paint protection film really self-heal? LIVE TEST

Live test for the fastest self-healing Paint Protection Film.

From the outside, it appears to be like voodoo. But there is really quite a neat explanation. Plus, it is science. that scratches on the top layer is the jacket being “rearranged,” not harmed, which the application of heat provides it with s

sufficient power to go back to its typical appearance

To exhibit the brand-new technology, you can scratch the upper part of your automobile using a permanent marker or even scratch it using a brass wire brush. Next, take a swab of damp cloth and then wipe the stain or perhaps the scratch right off. Or alternatively, splash a glass of water that is hot on top of serotonin and view the other damage’ disappear’. It is enough to shock some automobile owners and locate the way of its, at minimum, into the body shop market on the market.