Driveway auto washing is broadly considered a wholesome concept for the ones who care about their vehicles. However, it is amongst the worst things to do to your automobile’s finish. University Research Confirms Hand Washing will Harm Car Finishes Landmark research by Technological University of Munich, in relation to Mercedes-Benz, proved automatic car washing to be superior to driveway washing in preserving car finishes. Subsequent testing done by the Construction Research Center at the University of Texas confirmed the findings. Within the Mercedes tests, 25 washings were performed on identical brand-new model sedans with pristine factory paint jobs. Prior to each wash, the test cars were coated with a mixture of under-fender accumulation, street dirt, thawing-salt residue, and oily water. The grit particles inside the mix were heavy enough to destroy the toughest paint surface. The hand washings were done by average vehicle owners who were unaware of the purpose of the tests. They were asked to get their vehicles as clean as they could using the washing supplies of their choice. Hand washing’s sandpaper effect For the tests, researchers utilized electron microscopes, which had the ability to record the depth and density of abrasions to 0.27 of 1,000th of a millimeter. Following twenty-five hand washings, microphotography uncovered a crisscross, dense scratch pattern on the car finish, penetrating 10 percent into the paint’s thickness. Underneath high magnification, the scratches made “sandpaper” patterns that were attributable to the act of small dirt particles inside the pores of the sponges and rags used. Unable to perform under pressure The tests also proved that regular household garden hoses did not have the ability to produce enough hydraulic pressure and water volume to get rid of all detergent residue from the car’s finish. Positive reflection on automatic washes The machine washes were conducted under real-world conditions, unannounced ahead of time, at a commercial, modern car wash. Following 25 visits through the automatic car wash, microphotographs of the car’s surface displayed no indication of the tangle of deep scratches that developed during handwashing. Particularly within the Texas University tests, machine wash “reflectiveness readings” were 300 to 700 percent greater than hand washing. The next time you need a car wash, be on the lookout for @ The Car Wash Fredericksburg VA, the area’s best car wash and auto detail center. For more information on our car wash services in Fredericksburg contact The Car Wash at 540-288-4799 or just pull up and let us take care of your ride.


Five BENEFITS OF CERAMIC COATING FOR The VEHICLE of yours There is no question that, as time passes, your car’s paint could start looking slightly less spiffy than it previously did. The car of yours is subjected to such things as other types, dust, gas, bugs, and the sun of debris every time you drive it, meaning the paint of its is being damaged gradually. Bummer, right? But imagine if there was a means to guard it? Fortunately for you, there’s!

The Car Wash provides ceramic coating on your vehicle’s paint which may protect as well as restore your ride’s paint job, therefore it will show the exact same manner it did whenever you drove it away from the chips. This week’s The Car Wash blog describes several of the awesome advantages which ceramic coating is able to have for the vehicle of yours!

The automobile Wash provides specialized automobile detailing services in Fredericksburg, which includes interior as well as exterior detailing, premium car washes, color corrections, along with ceramic covering. Ceramic coatings provide benefits that are many for the ride of yours, though this week, we will discuss the best five. To discover more about the services of ours or even to plan a ceramic covering appointment with the experts of ours, read the blog post of ours and meet us now!

What’s Ceramic Coating?
Ceramic covering is a permanent or semi-permanent (depending on the type) of covering which is used on the outside of the car of yours to guard against outside color injury.

It’s a nanoscopic paint therapy that is used in liquid form, but remedies to create a tough level over your vehicle’s paint. It is usually made up of silicon dioxide (SiO2), and that is usually sourced from organic substances, which includes sand and quartz. Whenever the chemical substances connect with your car’s paint, they develop a hydrophobic (water repelling) impact.

You will find a variety of kinds of ceramic coatings offered, which includes DIY, but The automobile Wash suggests you go to an expert to make sure your car’s paint is adequately taken care of! The professionals of ours have many years of experience and we are able to help present you with solutions that best suit the vehicle of yours.

Five Benefits of Ceramic Coatings

Protects The Paint of yours
Each time you drive the car of yours, you are exposing the paint to different contaminants which can cause damage. Ceramic coating offers a strong, shielding surface in your car’s body which works to block most overseas situation from creating injury to your vehicle. It is able to tolerate a substantial quantity of damage without showing some noticeable influences on the automobile of yours, like fading, oxidation, and substance staining.

Ceramic coating could additionally protect the automobile of yours from dangerous UV rays, which may result in oxidation. This’s especially handy if you park the car outside of yours.

Will keep Your Car Cleaner
With all the challenging surface which ceramic covering offers, any debris or maybe dirt simply rolls off of the counter, instead of getting trapped in the small sections of your vehicle’s entire body. What this means is that the automobile of yours remains cleaner and no matter if it needs a wash, getting everything that dirt off takes a lot less time than it usually would!

Will last More than Other Paint Protection Methods
Conventional paint coatings including wax wear off faster than ceramic coatings. If you select a ceramic covering from The Car Wash, you are able to count on it to survive for a long time, without using off right after being subjected to water, parts of the environment, bird droppings, and any other feasible contaminants.

Expense Effective
Among the best parts about ceramic covering is it is a really cost effective choice for automobile owners. Even though the investment may be a little bigger up front, it is going to cost you less in the long run since you will not need to invest as cash that is much on things as other exterior, car washes, and wax detailing services.

Based on the kind of ceramic covering you receive, it’s an essentially permanent solution, which means you will not need to be concerned about continuing to change it year after year!

Appearance Great
Who does not love the look of a glossy brand new car? With ceramic coating, not just will be your vehicle’s surface area protected, though the new coating actually leaves a lovely, candy like gloss for those to admire. It is going to bring the very best out of the initial paint work of yours, rejuvenating your vehicle’s turn to when you drove it for the very first time!

The automobile Wash is proud to offer premier automobile wash products throughout Fredericksburg, which includes ceramic covering. When your car’s paint has seen much better days, meet the staff of ours of experts! We are able to help you determine whether ceramic coating is best for you.