What Is Car Paint Protection Film?

3M Paint protection film is made of a thermoplastic urethane with thickness of 250 Microns used for any painted surfaces of a car to protect the paint job from chips, splatters, and little abrasions. We can state that Top Automotive manufacturers have approved the implementation of paint protection film on car paint. It is also commonly mentioned as Clear Bra which was the first manufacturer. It is recommended by manufacturers to entrust the appliance of the merchandise to certified Vinyl Wrap and Clear Bra professional shops because the installation requires unique skills and techniques to get it to seem right and last the lifetime of the film. Now, many detailing workshops provide paint protection installation.
The primary purpose of Clear Bra is to stop scuffs, rock chips and other sorts of vandalism which cause damage to a vehicle’s paint and body. It is commonly applied on any painted surfaces. It may even be used on the complete body of a vehicle to supply maximum protection for the vehicle’s factory paint.
Originally developed to be used in military applications, it’s now commercially available for public use. Originally 3M film is thicker and hard to put in because the thick film was designed to protect helicopter blades from sand erosion on 1952. There are many options available within the market with specific types manufactured primarily with the technical capability to supply top level protection and even self-healing capabilities.
Why use Paint Protection Film?
Scratches on fresh or well-maintained vehicles not only destroy the design of your car, truck or SUV, they reduce the resale value. To protect a car from suffering at the hands of vandalism or road debris, 3M paint protection film is that the perfect solution, the choice is clear.
Clear Bra has the strength to face up to the hazards on the road like debris, rocks, sand and cement. It will shield the areas on the vehicle where it’s installed and keep the body looking love it did the day you applied the film. Many of the premium films have self-healing properties therefore the film will heal itself when damaged by scratches and cracks. Another great application is to protect your valuable car from children who playing near the car and scratching the paint surface with their toys.