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3M History

Below, the history of ours inspires the future of yours.

Much more than a century ago, 3M began as a small-scale mining venture in Northern Minnesota, then simply called Manufacturing Company and Minnesota Mining. Today a worldwide powerhouse, our products enhance the daily lives of people around the planet.

But the success of ours, as well as longevity, weren’t apparent from the beginning. We used. We failed. We experimented with something totally new. Repeat cycle. Innovation, as well as perseverance, drove the founders of ours, and it will continue to drive 3Mers today.

3M protection film history

The History of Paint Protection Film Paint Protection Film
During the Vietnam War, the US army was having accelerated wear on the rotors of the helicopters. Officials contacted 3M and requested assistance in offering an answer that could safeguard these surfaces from harm. The chemists at 3M created a thermoplastic urethane with an adhesive backing which may be used over these surfaces to absorb impacts instead of allowing sand to blast the color off of the top edge of the rotor cutting blades.


AUTOPROTECTION was created in 2015. Since that time, we’ve developed to function as the biggest 3M distributor specializing in 3M Window Films, 3M Paint Protection Films, 3M Ceramic Coating, and 3M 2080 Vehicle Wrap Films.

We don’t have any other branches ONLY ONE AUTOPROTECTION 3M AUTHORIZEDAUTOCARE CENTER. Our workshop is located at Katamy Heights here is the location.