Protect your car paint with the best automotive protection film worldwide.

What is ppf or car protection film?

Paint protection film has many many names as PPF, also called a clear braclear PROTECTIVE Film, or clear paint film. It is a protective layer that is made of thermoplastic urethane which is often self-healing by sunshine or hot water. There is a high copy of this incredible invention that is made of Polyethylene and called B-class PPF or TPU car protection film.  Like any other industry, there are C-Class protective films. This type is the output of mixing the ppf with Nano-Ceramic to get a cheap film with a temporary gloss finish.

Always applied to original painted surfaces of a new or used car and can’t be applied to non-original paint or repainted parts. It is mainly used to fully protect the vehicle’s paintwork from stone chips, bug splatters, and minor abrasions.

It has been invented by 3M and has been used first on 1952 on the US military airplanes’ rotor blades during Vietnam War & it has been known as helicopter tape. 3M had upgraded this protective film to be used on cell phones, screens, motorcycles, and many other areas. You can Read more HERE

Car Protection Film Benefites

Looks New Longer

Protecting your car with paint protection film will keep your car brand new longer which will be reflected in case of resale or trade-in


Top proffissional car protective films are fully backed by a 10 year manufacturers international warranty.

Highest Durability

Transparent protective surface layer has a highe durbil aspects. Depends how many layers in this ppf.

No More Road Rock Chips

PPF eliminates the strain over damage from unavoidable rock chips and dangerous debris with an additional level of security.

indistinguishable from original paint finish

Proffisionaly installed ppf could be hardly distinguishable from your factory paint.


When subjected to high heat, the enhanced clear coat attributes eliminate fine scratches as well as swirl marks as time passes.


Like any other industry, the Car protection film industry has a leader and a follower. For several years, there were no paint protection manufacturers other than 3M. On 1997, Xpel joined the protective film industry. Accordingly, Suntek joined the market and Stek too. Now, thousands of ppf manufacturing are competing but not at the same level of competition.

Although you can find a lot of paint protection film manufacturers today, there are only 4 trusted and leading companies in the international market:

  1. 3M, The company that invented it all. As usual, it invents new technologies.
  2. XPEL, The main competitor for 3M, joined the market on 1997.
  3. SUNTEK, Competes with two types of protection films.
  4. STEK, The Korean company that invented a mixed formula of Nano-ceramic technology and paint protection film technology for a cheaper film.

Comparing paint protection films should be based on the following:

  • Film Thickness
  • Self-Healing Response Test
  • How much the film can protect my vehicle’s painted surface at high ways speed?

The below video can help you take the right decision for your car paint protection film. Watch this video carefully and write the numbers that will appear on the video to be able to take the decision.

3M™ Scotchgard™ Pro Series VS. XPEL Ultimate VS. SunTek

3M™ Scotchgard™ Pro Series Vs. XPEL Ultimate Vs. SunTek Ultra Vs. Dayno Stek




Stretch %


Tensile Strength PSI


Top Coat thickness Microns


UV Rejection %


Film Thickness Microns


3M is the company that invented the whole industry. Its film has two special paitant one related for the adhesive and the other for multilayer

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Highest Thickness in Class

Compared to the top paint protection film, 3M has the highest thickness. It is 205 microns although Xpel Ultimate 175 Microns, Dayno Stek 185 Microns, Suntek Ultra178 Microns

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Highest road chipping resistance

Due to its high thickness and outstanding tensile strength, by Glavometer Test has the lowest road chips effect on the film. 3M™ Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film Pro Series 4.0 affected by ONLY 2 chips penetrating the film. Xpel Ultimate has been affected by 11road chips penetrating the film. Suntek Ultra Ultimate has been affected by 15 road chips penetrating the film. Stek has been affected by 7 road chips penetrating the film.

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car protection film COST

Revolutionizes paint protection film (ppf) with the most advanced technology to protect your vehicle will be your best choice. Most of the leading paint protection film leaders have a hydrophobic and self-healing urethane car protection film, non of these companies can compete with this we use to protect your investment.

3M invented all the new technologies starting from the protective layer itself to inventing the fastest self-healing film worldwide!

Your vehicle’s surface will be protected on the road in all conditions. All paint protection films company introduced a range of trendy films that offer a variety of finishes, from matte to ultra-gloss black. But, We are still unique in choosing the best protective layer.

As Autoprotection’s premier installer of 3M™, we have decided to only carry 3Ms most advanced car protector shield, the Ultimate choice, Scotchgard™ Pro Series 4 Protective film. While others will still offer the standard 180 Microns, we only carry the 250 Microns which will provide the best protection possible. We service all makes and models, with a focus on our after-sale services.